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Coastal biotype with Mediterranean garden

Municipality: Vasto – San Salvo
Tipe: regional nature reserve guided
Extension: 57 Ha
Management: municipality of Vasto
Geolocation: Lat. 42.086479, Long. 14.739470 – Map
Establishing provision: L.R. n. 5 del 30.3.2007
Info: tourist information IAT, Square of Popolo, 66054 Vasto (+39) 0873 367312
Virtual Tour: VT Biotipo Costiero


Fifty-seven hectares of the Reserve stretch along 3 Km of the coastal strip, up to the municipality of San Salvo. It’s one of the few parts of the coast of Abruzzo rich in dune vegetation and plants in danger of extinction. The sandy vegetation retains the sand thanks to a developed system that stabilize the bars. This is a landscape that has now disappeared almost everywhere. It is a precious heritage of the vegetation that characterized our coasts, therefore it is worthy of special protection. Natural systems, including brackish wetlands, have a “chaotic” structure and the relationship between organisms and environment are difficult. It is a biological system with a high internal thermodynamic equilibrium, which is the maximum contects of system information and the minimum contects of entropy.

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