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la pista ciclabile della costa dei trabocchi




The Abruzzo region is known above all for its lush vegetation, parks, mountains, hills and sea.
Its coastline is varied: from sandy beaches to the North to rocky outcrops that extend into the sea in the South. The stretch extending from Ortona in San Salvo is definitely the most picturesque, thanks to the beaches, cliffs, coves and “porticciuoli”. Another feature of this fascinating land is to preserve numerous animal and plant species, thanks above all to numerous protected areas that facilitate the conservation of native plants and animals.

However the visitor, who travels along the stretch of the Teatina coast for the first time, is attracted by the presence of the trabocchi, original “fishing machines” created with wooden poles and built near the headlands.
Almost forgotten in the post-war period, “trabocchi” have been enhanced when they became exclusive restaurants, thus increasing the sustainable tourism.

In 1860, following the completion of the railway line Ancona – Otranto, the “traboccanti” have started to take advantage of the steel rails to anchor the poles to the rocks. Hence the beginning of a close relationship between … … that if on the one hand has contributed to the establishment of coastal areas, it also prevented and preserved the places near the sea.

When the new railway line was built, the old railway track remained for a long time remained unused, until the starting of the project of a cycle-pedestrian track, that will cross a very large territory, from the river Po to the Puglia region. This old track is very important for the project. In this difficult area to complete the work, it becomes the main link between local municipalities and the coast.
The cycle-pedestrian track will offer its visitors the possibility to discover places often inaccessible and hidden, becoming a driving force for the growth and development of a more sustainable tourism. All rail infrastructure will be used, such as bridges, galleries, coastal consolidation, stations, in line with the idea of a work close to nature and territory.
From the speed, noise and sometimes by fear against the train, there will be a new system of connection where the eco-label bicycle will be the only means permitted. You can discover not only the “trabocchi” but also the beautiful coastal towns, walking serenely among multiple varieties of plants and animals to be protected.


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(Trenitalia) Trabocchi Line: traveling to discover the Abruzzese coasts

Discover the charm of the Trabocchi Coast. From the “family-size” beaches of Francavilla, passing through Ortona, S. Vito, Casalbordino and Vasto, the Trabocchi Line regional train takes you to Termoli along 60 km of coast, among the most enchanting stretches of the entire Adriatic coast.

For lovers of two wheels (in Abruzzo you can bring your bike for free by train) you are spoiled for choice: from all the stations of the Pescara-Termoli line you can easily reach the Via Verde, the equipped cycle path that it flows adjacent to the railway track, from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the stacks of Ortona, the trabocchi of S. Vito, Fossacesia and Torino di Sangro), the Punta Aderci Reserve and the promontories of Punta di Acquabella and Ponte Ferruccio.

With Trenitalia’s summer offer this summer you can plan your holiday with regional trains: from June 14th to September 6th, 20 connections on weekdays and 16 on Sundays and holidays.

All at really low cost rates. Some examples:

From Pescara to S.Vito € 3.00
From Pescara to Termoli € 6.70

pianta della pista ciclabile dei trabocchi
mappa della pista ciclabile costa dei trabocchi
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