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The Features of teatini Trabocchi


According to their location, the “Trabocchi” can be considered as “trabochi di porto” or “trabocchi di scoglio” and also as “trabocchi di levante” or “trabocchi di maestrale”, according to the winds to which they are exposed.

It is a large building made up of trunks of Aleppo pine or of acacia wood. Initially the poles were anchored to the rockbut, subsequently, after the construction of the railway, they were the steel tracks as the first anchorage at sea. They are made up of a boardwalk that form the mainland it leads up to the Trabocco, of a fishing plan where you can work, of a capstan, of a a rope and pulley system, of a small-meshed net, of two long arms called “antennae” stretch out toward the sea.


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                               Height of trabocco

Caratteristiche e rilievo del trabocco

                                                        Technical elements of trabocco

1 – Track sections 2 – Passerella poles 3 – Cross stiffening beams  4 – Beam beams passerella 5 – Tavolato passerella 6 – Cavi di ferro cotto 7 – Pali controventi 8 – Bracing cables 9 – Platform poles 10 – Bracing beams 11 – Elevation structure 12 – Secondary order 13 – Fishing plan slats 14 – Chest 15 – Codecones 16 – Connecting beams 17 – Antennas 18 – Small antennas 19 – Stralli 20 – Carrucole 21 – Ropes 22 – Network 23 – Winch

Caratteristiche ed elementi tecnici di un trabocco tipo

                               Images from book Cultura Materiale e Progetto Sostenibili of Maria Cristina Forlani

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