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Virtual Tour of the Trabocchi Coast

The Trabocco, also called “travocco”, is an old fishing machine typical of the coasts of Abruzzo, Molise and Puglia. The Parco Costa dei Trabocchi is currently being established. It is the stretch of the Adriatic coast in the province of Chieti (Abruzzo), which stretches along the Teatina coast. This is a coastal strip among valleys and hills, overlooking the sea. This territory is rich in many landscapes and natural environments of various kinds. The Virtual Tour is made directly on the coast. It’s an interactive photographic document of the entire coastline.

virtual tour della costa dei trabocchi


You can visit the Costa dei Trabocchi directly on the beach thanks to “immersive” photos 360°that provide a realistic view of the Teatina coast. 

come arrivare nella costa dei trabocchi


Information about roads, trains, buses, planes and taxis to arrive in the localities of the Costa dei Trabocchi using public transport.

tutte le spiagge della costa dei trabocchi


The most beautiful coasts, private beaches, the clearest waters: everything on the places not to be missed. You can choose secluded beaches or tourist facilities.  

la storia dei trabocchi abruzzesi


There are many different hypotheses about the origin of the “trabocchi”. Some historians claim even that they are the outcome of the inventiveness of the people of the Phoenicians.

le caratteristiche dei trabocchi


According to their location, the “Trabocchi” can be considered as “trabocchi di porto” or “trabocchi di scoglio” and also as “trabocchi di levante” or “trabocchi di maestrale”, according to the winds to which they are exposed.  

la tutela dei trabocchi


It’s important to protect the “trabocco” as a characteristic and unique element, typical of the Abruzzo coast. Within the Patto Territoriale Sangro Aventino  

la pista ciclabile dei trabocchi



The Abruzzo region is known above all for its lush vegetation, parks, mountains, hills and sea. Its coastline is varied: from sandy beaches to the North to rocky outcrops that extend into the sea in the South. The stretch extending from Ortona in San Salvo is definitely the most picturesque, thanks to the beaches, cliffs, coves and “porticciuoli”. 

Trabocchi Line: traveling to discover the Abruzzo coast – Trenitalia

Discover the charm of the Trabocchi Coast. From the “family-sized” beaches of Francavilla, passing through Ortona, S. Vito, Casalbordino and Vasto, the Trabocchi Line regional train takes you to Termoli along 60 km of coast, among the most enchanting stretches of the entire Adriatic coast..  

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