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la tutela dei trabocchi abruzzesi

The Trabocchi safeguard


It’s important to protect the “trabocco” as a characteristic and unique element, typical of the Abruzzo coast. Within the Patto Territoriale Sangro Aventino (Sangro-Aventino Territorial Pact of 2010), there is the signing of a memorandum of understanding to complete a feasibility study and promotion of the Costa dei Trabocchi. Various organizations were involved, including the province, the Chamber of Commerce of Chieti-Pescara, Confesercenti, Confindustria and many other stakeholders.     

The aim is to strengthen the integrated and sustainable use of environmental, cultural and traditional resources, underlining the importance of the protection of these special fishing machines, which are the expression of tradition..

 The aim is to build a Parco della Costa dei Trabocchi that protects and promotes a sustainable and respectful of the territory tourism. It’s very important the creation of a cycle-pedestrian track along the old railway line, which will provide a greater usability of places often inaccessible but of unique beauty.     

The “trabocchi” may seem very resistant but they are “fragile giants”. Those of the coasts of Abruzzo, unlike those of the Gargano, are in the middle of the water and constantly exposed to the force of the sea and wind. Therefore, it is important to adopt some precautions and carry out special maintenance to guarantee their stability and safety. The boards must be replaced every 2 or 3 years, the poles must be constantly monitored since they can corrode while the steel bars can rust.

A trabocco can be now estimated from 150 to 300 thousand euros.  



The second life of the “trabocchi”


In the past, the “trabocco” was small and could host only those people needed fishing. The owners were mostly fish traders that they introduced the market fish, sea bass, mullet, and much more. Its usage has changed: from a source of livelihood for the fish trade it has become a restaurant that is able to meet the needs of the numerous diners.

The local fish served is paired with traditional food and wine products, typical of the territory very close to the sea. Some “trabocchi” are as they were in the past even if today they are promoted and used for tourism purposes. They host, in fact, groups of tourists which are attracted by the historical tales of the “traboccanti” and during their visit, they like looking at the “traboccanti” while fishing.

“Trabocchi” are part of the identity of the Teatina coast and they are a treasure of the Abruzzo region, to be preserved. They “tell” the story of a civilization linked to the sea and to the fishing. “Lu travocche” is the place where everyone can feel emotions and where the sea breeze will take you back into the past. When you are walking on the “Trabocco”, you can listen to the creaking of the wood under your feet.

From the “Trabocco” you can admire the sea that caresses the poles and you can look at the dance of seagulls. In this place, the magic and legends coexist.


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