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It is a well-known seaside town of the Costa dei Trabocchi. Since 2004 it has been awarded with the Blue Flag. In the municipal area there is the Abbey of San Giovanni in Venere, that is one of the most important churches of Abruzzo, dating back to the 12th century and situated on a promontory. overlooking the Adriatic Sea (Golfo di Venere – Gulf of Venus).
+39 087262221
+39 0872622237
Via Marina, 18
66022 Fossacesia, Chieti
Abruzzo, Italia
inhabitants 6339
altitude 142 m slm

Monuments and places of interest in Fossacesia

  • The Abbey of San Giovanni in Venere
  • The church of San Donato
  • The church of Santa Maria delle Grotte.
  • The church of the Santissimo Rosario
  • The Church of San Silvestro
  • The Contini noble palace
  • The Mayer noble palace.
  • The Mayer casino
  • The Palazzo del Comune
  • The Fountain of the Five Cinnamons
  • The wash house.

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