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The ancient history of the city dates back to the people of the Frentani, which used the commercial port as the main driver of growth for the territory. Today, the city is the main seaport in the region of Abruzzo thanks to its port and for having been repeatedly awarded with the Blue Flag.

The enchanting Aragonese Castle, overlooking the sea, preserves the moat towards the village of Terravecchia, the two mighty and cylindrical towers and the outer walls. Inside there is a garden/viewpoint overlooking the sea.
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Cavour street, 24,
66026 Ortona, Chieti,
Abruzzo, Italia
Inhabitants 23135
Altitude 72 m slm

Monuments and places of interest

  • The Cathedral of San Tommaso Apostolo, where the relics of Tommaso Didimo rest
  • The Church of Purgatory
  • The Church of San Rocco
  • Church of Santa Caterina d’Alessandria
  • The new parish church of San Giuseppe
  • Basilica of St. Thomas the Apostle
  • Church of the Holy Trinity
  • Church of Santa Maria of Constantinople
  • Church of Santa Caterina d’Alessandria
  • Church of San Rocco
  • Church of Purgatory
  • Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie or Madonna della Pace
  • Remains of the Longobard Basilica of San Marco
  • Oratory of the Miraculous Crucifix
  • Church of Santa Maria della Pace
  • Church of the Madonna dell’Olivastro
  • Longobard Basilica of San Martino
  • Former Augustinian Convent.
  • Former Convent of the Capuchins.
  • Former Church of San Francesco.
  • Sanctuary of Madonna della Libera (Villa Torre).
  • Church of the Madonna del Carmine.
  • Church of Purgatory: church of the municipal square.
  • Modern Church of San Giuseppe.
  • Church of San Donato (in the homonymous district).
  • Church of the Sacred Heart (Villa S. Nicola).
  • Church of San Nicola (Villa S. Nicola).
  • Church of San Giorgio (Villa S.Tommaso).
  • Church of San Michele Arcangelo (VIlla Iubatti).
  • Church of Sant’Elena (Villa Sant’Elena).
  • Church of San Gabriele dell’Addolorata (Contrada Fontegrande).
  • Church of San Gabriele dell’Addolorata (Contrada Bardella).
  • Church of San Zefirino (Villa Caldari).
  • Church of St. Anthony of Padua (Villa Rogatti).
  • Church of Our Lady of Fatima (Caldari Station).
  • Church of San Leonardo (Villa San Leonardo).
  • Church of San Pietro (Villa San Pietro).
  • Church of St. Anthony of Padua (Villa Grande).
  • Church of Christ the King (Contrada Riccio).
  • Church of Maria Immacolata (Contrada Foro).
  • Church of the Madonna degli Angeli.
  • Hall of the Kingdom of Jehovah’s Witnesses.
  • Evangelical Church.
  • Casa Berardi (district of San Martino).
  • Palazzo Corvo (seat of the Tosti National Institute).
  • Palazzo De Sanctis
  • Palazzo Mancini
  • Palazzo Mignotti
  • Palazzo Pugliesi
  • Palazzo Farnese (XVI century).
  • Aragonese castle
  • Caldora Castle and Caldorian Walls
  • Medieval district of Terravecchia
  • The Farnese palace
  • The Terravecchia district seen from the Aragonese castle
  • Torre Baglioni
  • Torre Mucchia
  • Torre del Moro
  • Torre Ricciardi
  • Morrecine Stone
  • Canadian Military Cemetery
  • “Francesco Paolo Tosti” Victory Theater
  • Natural areas
  • Feast of St. Thomas the Apostle

Museums of Ortona

  • Capitular Museum
  • Civic Museum of Contemporary Art – Cascella Art Gallery
  • Music Museum of Abruzzo and Archivio Francesco Paolo Tosti
  • Museum of the Battle of Ortona
  • Ex Libris Mediterraneo Museum

Twinned with

  • Italia Cassino, from 1991
  • Grecia Chio, from 2008
  • Russia Volgograd, from 2013

Further information

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