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It is situated about 6 km from the Adriatic coast, on a hillside bordered by the rivers Osento and Sinello. It is situated near the beautiful rocky coast of the Nature Reserve of Punta d’Erce (Punta Aderci).

The Shrine of Madonna dei Miracoli is a well-known Theatine sanctuary, with a basilica built in 1962 on a pre-existing temple designed in 1824. It has been also mentioned in the novel “Il trionfo della morte” (“The Triumph of Death”) by Gabriele D’Annunzio. Since the 1920s it is run by the Benedictine monks.
+39 087392191
Umberto I square
66021 Casalbordino, Chieti
Abruzzo, Italia
inhabitants 6111
altitude 203 m slm

Monuments and places of interest

  • The Fortified Village located in the historic center
  • The sanctuary of the Madonna dei Miracoli.
  • The mother church of San Salvatore.
  • The civic tower.
  • There are traces of Roman settlements and a Benedictine abbey of the IX century “ad rivum maris” ..
  • The Old Fountain.
  • The archaeological excavations of Santini.
  • Various paths and tratturi.

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