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The overflow the Morge is one of the few overflows whose concession is not private but entrusted to a municipality. The storms over the years, starting from the early ‘900, have repeatedly destroyed it and then be rebuilt by the various owners who alternated. Around the ’50s the then owner suffered a very severe mourning. The eighteen year old son dies falling from an antenna. From this moment the structure is abandoned and soon destroyed by the sea. Only in 2001 the municipality of Torino di Sangro began, with the help of European funds, the reconstruction of the Trabocco. At the end of the work the cultural and historical memory activity is entrusted to a local association.

There are various accesses to the beach of the river Foro along the road that goes from c.da Postilli up to the train station of Tollo-Canosa Sannita

lat.42.215118, long. 14.584087


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